1、A、tea B、weather C、leather D、bread

2、A、chemistry B、stomach C、machine D、Christmas

3、A、cool B、book C、fool D、booth

4、A、ground B、sound C、around D、country

5、A、heart B、earth C、learn D、heard

6、A、party B、army C、warm D、farming

7、A、pine B、exist C、besides D、bicycle

8、A、easy B、reply C、friendly D、activity

9、A、cover B、crop C、city D、copy

10、A、wheel B、where C、white D、whosec

ⅡVocabulary and Structure(40points)

11、The reason______he came late for the meeting was difficult to say

A、because B、as C、why D、for

12、_______ we are allowed to go abroad is still a question

A、If B、Whether C、That D、As

13、Please dial 120______ traffic accident

A、in case B、in the case of C、lest D、in case of

14、It is only _______ walk to go there on foot

A、ten minutes B、ten minutes C、ten minute’s D、ten-minutes’s

15、"Would you like tea or coffee?" "Oh,_____ "

A、each one is good B、each will be fine C、either dose well D、either will do

16、She has got a chair_____

A、to sit B、for sit on C、to sit on D、for sitting

17、________ he came ,he would take some pieces of mews

A、Every time B、after C、since D、Now that

18、Tom had opened the door_______ Mary had time to knock

A、until B、before C、as D、although

19、I was________ to leave the room when the telephone rang

A、already B、start C、off D、about

20、They had stored a ______ quantity lf grain in their house

A、large B、much C、many D、lot

21、Excuse me, but it is time to have your temperature____

A、taken B、taking C、to take D、take

22、Do you think he studies harder than _____ in his class?

A、any other boy B、any boys C、another D、any other boys

23、The roof of the house is white, It_______ last night

A、should rain B、must have rained C、must rain D、should have rained

24、______,I’d have told you

A、If I would have known tit B、If I have had known it C、Had I known it D、Should I know it

25、Are you sure you______ use the new machine?

A、know to B、know the C、know how D、know how to

26、We can overcome all the difficulties _____ we are closely united

A、as long as B、as for as C、as well as D、as good as

28、Never once _____ for class when he was at college

A、did he late B、was he late C、he was late D、he did late

29、The bus was held up on the way to the airport, otherwise I _______the plane

A、must catch B、have caught C、could have caught D、ought to catch

30、It ix generally considered unwise to give a child ______ he or she wants

A、whichever B、however C、wherever D、whatever

31、You don’t need to introduce him to me. I______ him several times

A、had met B、met C、have met D、meet

32、Would you like a drink first_____shall we get down to have the discussion right away?

A、or B、otherwise D、then D、when

33、"I’ll be away about ten minutes. Would you mind keeping an eye on my suitcase?" "Not at all._____ "

A、I’ d rather not B、I’ ve no time C、I’ d be happy to D、You may go

34、If it_______ this evening, I won’t go to the cinema with you

A、will rain B、have rain C、rained D、rains

35、The ideal______he had sought all his life no longer seemed important to him

A、after which B、from which C、with which D、at which

36、much_____she likes him, she doesn’t intended to marry the rich man

A、since B、as C、until D、when

37、_____their difference in characters, they are good roommates

A、Instead of B、In case of C、Besides D、In spite of

38、The higher the temperature, _____

A、the pressure is B、the greater the pressure C、the pressure is great D、the great the pressure

39、Let’s______when the train will arrive

A、discover B、find C、find out D、look

40、It is important that you_____what the speaker says at the meeting

A、will write down B、are writing down C、are written down D、write down

41、The teacher says your article needs______

A、to rewrite B、rewriting C、be rewritten D、being rewriting

42、there is_____to eat in the house, so I must go to the street to have______noodles

A、anything…..any B、something…….some C、nothing……some D、nothing…..any

43、______quit capable of working out this problem

A、Either of the children is B、Either of children are C、Either of the children are D、Either of children is

44、The population of the developed countries is declining, while_____of the developing countries is growing

A、that B、this C、those D、these

45、If this continues to take place at the present rate,______another fifty years, the world will be crowded with big ants

A、at B、for C、in D、on

46、_____it had been very dry last year, the villagers still had a good harvest

A、however B、since C、Although D、Furinmore

47、He didn’t remember______the book and said he would give it to me the next day

A、to return B、to be return C、returning D、bing returned

48、I’m looking forward to____form you

A、hearing B、hear C、heard D、listen

49、John will_____Jack to be the general manager, for Jack is going to change his work

A、take place B、take the place of C、take his place D、take the place

50、All the family stayed home on the New Year’s Day with the doors_____

A、to close B、closed C、closing D、close Ⅲ.Pointing out Mistakes(10points)

51、Every year they A(earn) a lot of money B(from) the C(fields) they D(take care)

52、After a A(visit) to the village ,I decided to help the B(poor) children C(as more as) I D(could)

53、A(Though) the birth rate is B(reducing rapidly), but the C(world’s)population is still D(increasing)

54、A(By) B(the end of 2005), the number of students in C(the)school D(will reach) 10,000

55、 A(Would) you please ask please ask them B(don’t) speak C(too) loudly? I can’t D(hear) the teacher

56、I told her I A(am) worried B(about) the boys C(the teacher) sent D(to me)

57、He is A(the very)person B(takes) charge C(of) the school-factory D(all by) himself

58、 A(This) small mountain village is B(such) beautiful that people like C(to have) a visit D(there)

59、It was very much quiet A(and) you B(could hear) the sound of a pin C(drop) D(onto) the floor

60、The man A(that) went B(back) home was not suitable C(for) the job D(given him) Ⅳ.Reading


Passage one

In only two decades Asian Americans have become the fastest growing US minority. As their children began moving up through the nation’s schools, it became clear that a new class Of academic achievers was emerging Their achievements are reflected in the nation’s best universities, where mathematics, science and engineering departments have taken on a decidedly Asian character. This special liking for mathematics and science is partly explained by the fact that Asian-American students who began their educations abroad arrived in the US with a solid grounding in mathematics but little or no knowledge of English. Thy are also influenced by the promise of a good job after college, Asians feel they will be judged more objectively. And the return on the investment in education is more immediate in something like engineering than with an arts degree. Most Asian-American students owe their success to the influence of parents who are determined that their children take full advantage of what the American educational system has to offer, An effective measure of parental attention is homework, Asian parents spend more time with their children than American parents do, and it helps, Many researchers also believe there is something in Asian culture that breeds success, such as ideals that stress family values and emphasize education Both explanations for academic success worry Asian-Americans because of fears that they feed a typical racial image. Many can remember when Chinese, Japanese and Filipino immigrants were the victims of social isolation(隔绝). Indeed, it was not until 1952 that laws were laid down giving all Asian immigrants the right to citizenship

61、While making tremendous achievements at college, Asian-American students_____

A、feel they are mistreated because of limited knowledge of English
B、are afraid that their academic successes bear a strong character
C、still worry about unfair treatment in society
D、general feel it a shame to have to depend on their parents

62、What are the major factors that determine the success of Asian-Americans?

A、A solid foundation in basic mathematics and Asian culture   B、Hard work and intelligence
C、Hard help and a limited knowledge of English     D、Asian culture and the American educational system

63、Few Asian-American students major in human science mainly because_____

A、their English is not good enough
B、they are afraid they might meet with unfair judgment in these areas
C、there is a wide difference between Asian and western cultures
D、they know little about American culture and society

64、why do the two "explanations"(Line1, para . 3)worry Asian-Americans?

A、They are afraid they would again be isolated from American society in general
B、People would think that Asian students rely on their parents for success
C、Asian Americans would be a threat to other minorities D、American academic achievements have taken on too strong an Asian character

65、The author’s tone in this passage is_______

A、sympathetic B、doubtful C、critical D、objective

Passage Two

Television has now come to nearly every family. It has become a very Important part in people’s life. School children in the US watch TV about 25 hours a week. Some people feel that television is good for children because it helps them learn about their country and the world. With the help of programs of education, children do better in school. Other people feel that there are too many programs about love and crime on TV, and that even programs of education don’t help children a lot. Children simply watch too much television, so they don’t do a lot of other important things for their education, children of three to six learn to speak their language and talk with people. When they are watching TV, they are only listening to the language , and they aren’t talking with anyone. When school children watch TV, they read less, Because of this, they don’t learn to read or write quickly at school. All children learn by doing, and they need time to play in order to learn about the world. When they watch TV, they play less. They also have less time to do with their parents and friends, and they have less time for sports. Recently, fifteen families in Denver decided to stop watch TV for a month or more. At first it was difficult, but there were soon a lot of good changes the children read , played, and exercised more, and the family became full of joy. But at the end of the month all the families began to watch TV as much as before. Not one family was able to give up television completely.


A、is not important to school children     B、helps children learn to speak
C、has a lot to do with people’s life     D、must have more programs of education

67、Some people think that television is good for children because_____

A、some programs help them love their parents    B、the news programs are important to them
C、it makes them play less than before        D、they can learn something good from it

68、Some people think that television is bad for children because_______

A、there are too many TV programs not good for children     B、its language is difficult to understand
C、it is helpful to their thinking and doing            D、their eyes work much every day

69、In the US, school children watch TV about ______a day

A、two and a half hours B、four hours C、twenty-five hours D、five hours

70、Because school children watch too much TV, they_____

A、write more quickly than before   B、don’t learn to read or write as quickly at school
C、read a lot             D、read and write much more

Passage Three

It was a quarter past nine as Marie hurried into the office building where she was going to work. Her bus had inched(蠕动) along through heavy morning traffic, making her a few minutes late for her very first job. She decided to start out half an hour earlier the next day Once inside the lobby, she had to stand at the elevators and wait several minutes before she could get on one going to the sixth floor. When she finally reached the office marked "King Enterprises", she knocked at the door nervously and waited. There was no answer. She tapped on the door again, but still there was no reply. Form inside the next office, she could hear the sound of voices, so she opened the door and went in. Although she was sure it was the same office she had been in two weeks before when she had had the interview with Mr. King, it looked quite different now. In fact, it hardly looked like an office at all. The employees were just standing around chatting and smoking .At the far end of the room, somebody must have just told a joke, she thought, because there was a loud burst of laughter as she came in. For a moment she had thought they were laughing at her. Then one of the men looked at his watch, clapped his hands and said something to the others. Quickly they all went to their desks and, in a matter of seconds, everyone was hard at work. No one paid any attention to Marie. Finally she went up to the man who was sitting at the desk nearest to the door and explained that this was her first day in the office. Hardly looking up from his desk, he told her to have a seat and wait for Mr. King, who would arrive at any moment. Then Marie realized that the day’s work in the office began just before Mr. King arrived. Later she found out that he lived in Connecticut and came into Manhattan on the same train every morning, arriving in the office at 9:35, so that his staff knew exactly when to start working.

71、Marie felt nervous when she knocked at the door because_______

A、it was her first day in a new job     B、she was a little bit late for work
C、she was afraid that she had gone to the wrong place    D、there was no answer from inside the office
72、Marie could hardly recognize the office she went into as ______

A、she had been there only once     B、Mr. King was not in the office
C、Nobody was doing any work      D、The office had a new appearance

73、The people in the office suddenly started working because______

A、they saw a stranger in the office     B、they had finished their morning break
C、no one wanted to talk to Marie      D、the boss was about to arrive

74、we can infer from the text that the employees of the enterprise______

A、would start their work by listening to a joke     B、were cold to new comers
C、were always punctual for work         D、lacked devoting to the company

75、the best title for this text would be ______

A、Punctual Like a Clock   B、A Cold Welcome   C、An Unpunctual Manager   D、Better Late Than

Never Passage Four Most animals have little connection with animals of a different kind, unless they hunt them for foof. Sometimes, however, two kinds of animals come together in a partnership which is good for both of them. You may have noticed some birds sitting on the backs of sheep. This is not because they want a ride, but because they find easy food in the parasites(寄生虫) on the sheep. The sheep allow the birds to do so because they remove the cause of discomfort. So although they can manage without each other, they do better together. Sometimes an animal has a plant partner. The relationship develops until the two partners cannot manage without each other .this is so in the corals(珊瑚) of the sea. In their skins they have tiny plants which act as "dustmen", taking some of the waste products from the coral and giving in return oxygen which the animal needs to breathe. If the plants are killed, or are even prevented from receiving light so that they cannot live normally, the corals will die

76、Some birds like to sit on a sheep because_____

A、they can eat its parasites
B、they enjoy traveling with the sheep
C、they depend on the sheep for existence
D、they find the position most comfortable

77、The underlined word "they" in the last sentence of the first paragraph refers to_____

A、birds and parasites
B、birds and sheep
C、parasites and sheep
D、sheep, birds and parasites 78、we learn from the text that corals depend on plants for______

79、what does the second paragraph mainly discuss? A、Some plants depend on each other for food B、Some animals and plants develop their relationship easily C、Some animals and plants depend on each other for existence D、Some animals live better together 80、The underlined part "giving in return oxygen" in the second paragraph means ______

A、returning back the coral oxygen to the coral
B、giving oxygen to the coral as debts
C、giving oxygen to the coral in exchange
D、producing oxygen for the coral

Ⅴ.Close (20points)

It is said that most adult second language learners will be lucky to acquire 5,000 words even after several years of study .(81) comparison a native speaker can usually have 20,000 words. This relatively slow progress has (82) to do with aptitude than with exposure. It has been calculated that a classroom (83) would need 18years of classroom exposure to supply the same amount (84) vocabulary input that occurs in just one year of natural settings. How many words does a learner (85) to know? One figure that (86) often quoted is 2,000. this is around the number of words that most native speakers use in (87) daily conversations. It is also the size of the defining vocabulary used in dictionaries (88) language learners In (89), the most frequent 100words in English make up 50 per cent of most texts. these include grammar-or function-words (90) as "has" ,"to" ,and "did", but not content words like "answer", ""depend and "large".

81、A、of B、On C、In D、By

82、A、much B、less C、many D、large

83、A、learner B、person C、worker D、teacher

84、A、about B、in C、of D、as

85、A、should B、need C、must D、think

86、A、was B、as C、is D、with

87、A、whose B、people’s C、their D、his

88、A、for B、with C、of D、about

89、A、language B、words C、fact D、dictionary

90、A、that B、same C、use D、such

VI. Writing (30 points)
Directions: For this part, you are allowed 20 minutes to write a short composition of about 80 ~ 100 words on the title:
Cell Phone( 手机)
Base your composition on the outline given below in Chinese:
1. 手机已成为一种最普遍(popular)的通讯(communications)工具。
2. 随着科学技术(science and technology)的发展,手机的服务功能(function)更加多样化了。
3. 手机前途光明。

1. A 2.C 3.B 4.D 5.A 6.C 7.B 8.B 9.C 10.D 11.C 12.B 13.D 14.B 15.D 16.C 17.A 18.B 19.D 20.A 21.A 22.D 23.B 24.C 25.D 26.A 27.D 28.B 29.C 30.D 31.C 32.A 33.C 34.D 35.A 36.B 37.D 38.B 39.C 40.D 41.B 42.C 43.A 44.A 45.B 46.C 47.A 48.A 49.B 50.B 51.D 52.C 53.A 54.D 55.B 56.A 57.B 58.B 59.C 60.D 61.C 62.A 63.B 64.A 65.D 66.A 67.D 68.A 69.B 70.B 71.B 72.C 73.D 74.B 75.B 76.A 77.A 78.D 79.C 80.C 81.C 82.B 83.A 84.C 85.B 86.C 87.C 88.A 89.C 90.D


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